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MRCOOL Hyper Heat Pump & AC Systems

Designed for Cold Environments

The MRCOOL® Hyper Heat Central Ducted Heat Pump Condenser is a dependable choice for handling extreme winter and summer temperatures. Boasting a DC Inverter and state-of-the-art variable speed technology, this unit offers exceptional efficiency, leading to significant savings on utility expenses without compromising performance. With an impressive SEER2 rating of up to 17.4, its enhanced heating capacity ensures indoor comfort even when outdoor temperatures range from -22°F to 122°F. Installation is simple for professional HVAC technicians using the MRCOOL® No-Vac® Quick Connect® DIY Line Set. This exclusive line set eliminates the need for vacuuming or flare welding and is kink-resistant, accelerating the connection process and reducing installation costs.

The MRCOOL Universal Series Split Systems is the future of HVAC with its new 18 SEER – 20 SEER Ultra-Heat Inverter Unitary Condensing Unit and Air Handler. This unit provides superb comfort while running at an extremely quiet dB, rapid cooling and heating, and maximum savings while running on end.  The MDUO Condenser will produce heat down to a –22 degrees. Comes in 2-3 ton or a 4-5 ton. Match with our Air Handler you can utilize our DIY Pre-Charged Line-set.

The MRCOOL Olympus Mini Split Hyper Heat Series offers the newly higher efficiency of this Olympus Hyper Heat in 9.000, 12,000, 18,000, or 24,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split System. This system is Energy Star certified and designed to be installed by a professional. This ductless heat pump bundle can provide highly effective heating performance even when it is bitterly cold outside, all while offering superior cooling during warmer months. This unit is both quiet and efficient and creates steady and reliable heating and cooling to give you a cost-effective and comfortable environment.

The MRCOOL Universal Series Package Units reduce utility bills and lessening your environmental footprint with the MRCOOL® DC Inverter Package Heat Pump. This energy-efficient ducted system delivers comfort through a single, conveniently packaged outdoor unit, all without the need for fossil fuels. The root of its exceptional efficiency lies in the variable speed DC compressor, which minimizes power loss, ensuring the unit operates at a notably lower noise level. This translates into uninterrupted regulation of room temperature to cater to individual preferences. The compressor and DC motor's adjustable speeds provide a wide range of cooling and heating, spanning from -22°F to 125°F. The unit also offers versatile air return options from either the side or the bottom, accommodating both traditional and rooftop installations. For added flexibility, optional heat kits are available to suit specific requirements. What sets the MRCOOL® DC Inverter Package Heat Pump apart is its rapid response to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, efficiently adapting to load demands. Additionally, its intelligent defrosting technology enhances winter heating performance by assessing frost conditions. Rest assured in your investment with 10-year warranties covering labor, parts, and the compressor—all without the need for cumbersome registration processes. Elevate your comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind today with MRCOOL®

Central Duct Hyper Heat

MRCOOL® Central Ducted Hyper Heat Series with the DC Inverter Heat Pump Condenser.


Multi Installation - Up-Flow /  Down-Flow / Horizontal

Come in a  2 ton / 3 ton / 4 ton / 5 ton  Systems


These are shown here are sold in Kits. All come with a Wired Thermostat & Remote


All Central Ducted Hyper Heat System can utilize our DIY® Quick Connect® line.

Line-set sizes are 3/8 - 5/8, and come in 16ft, 25ft, 35ft, or 50ft, see below for accessories.


Heat Kits optional - sold separate.  If you need a Line-set longer than 50ft - you can order an Extension with Coupler.

Approved for Mobile Homes -  High Static Pressure

Dealers Wanted


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Central Ducted Hyper Heat Manuals


Brochure  Installation Manual  Performance Specs  Warranty  Thermostat Manual


Remote Manual  Service Manual  Pre-Charged Line-Set Installation  Line-Set Brochure


AHRI Certification  2 ton   / 3 ton  / 4 ton  /  5 ton


Energy Star Certification  2 ton  /3 ton  / 4 ton  /   5 ton

17.3 to 22 SEER Rating / 10 Year Warranty

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MRCOOL Universal Series with the Ultra-Heat Inverter Unitary Condensing Unit and Air Handler. Comes in a 2-3 ton or 4-5 ton. This set can produce heat when outdoor temperatures are down to a -22 degrees. For DIY installation you can use our Pre-charged line-sets. This unit provides superb comfort while running at an extremely quiet dB, rapid cooling and heating, 

MRCOOL Olympus Hyper Heat Series. This Energy Star certified system now features a higher SEER of 28.1 to 21.5 depending on the unit size. When installed by a professional, this ductless heat pump can provide effective and efficient heating performance even when it is bitterly cold outside. In addition, it also creates superior cooling during warmer months. Expect steady and reliable heating and cooling that is both efficient and quiet. 

This picture shows a complete kit. When ordering - select your line-set length and comes with the communication - power cable for the wall mount head. They come in 16ft, 25ft, and 50ft. 9K is 1/4-3/8  / 12k & 18k is 1/4-1/2   /  24K is 3/8-5/8

Brochure     Install Manual    Owners Manual   Performance Chart   Smart Control


AHRI Certification   9k    12k    18k    24k                  Warranty


Energy Star Certificate   9k    12k    18k    24k

Universal Heat Pump Split System

The MRCOOL Universal Series Package Units offers cooling and hyper heating, spanning from -22°F to 125°F. This DC Inverter Compressor is the newest  generation of Heating & Air Conditioning offering 17+ SEER2. This is an ALL in ONE package unit, complete with  pre-charged R410 Freon. Comes complete with a Thermostat. Offers several Fan Speed settings

Brochure   Thermostat Install   Warranty


2 Ton Install   3 Ton Install   4 Ton Install   5 Ton Install

Universal Package Unit

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4-5 Ton Air Handler Brochure


4-5 Ton Air Handler Install


4-5 Ton Condenser Install


4-5 Ton Condenser Owners Manual


4-5 Ton Energy Certificate


4-5 Ton AHRI Certification

Line Set No-Vac Brochure    Line Set Instructions     Line-Set Coupler Instructions


If no Pre-Charged Line-Set used - We offer a Flare to Weld


Universal System Brochure


Air Handler Brochure


Condenser Brochure


Universal Specifications


Owners Manual


Universal Service Manual



2-3 Ton Air Handler Install


2-3 Ton Condenser Install


2-3 Ton Air Handler Manual


2-3 Ton Condenser Owner Manual


2-3 Ton Energy Certificate


2-3 Ton System Certificate


2-3 Ton AHRI Certification